Panel Point 20 Bearing Replacement

Williamsburg Bridge

Historic Overview

Current Conditions

In 1998 John S. Deerkoski, P.E. and Associates was contracted to provide
engineering support to the joint venture of Koch/NAB for reconstruction of the Williamsburg Bridge linking the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan in NYC.
Through a detailed model using AutoCAD, JSD provided constructability analysis and
a means and methods for the replacement of the end span roadway bearings. This detailed model provided significant cost and scheduling benefits by identifying interferences and coordinating efforts by all parties involved. This attention to detail assisted in the bearing replacement being performed without interrupting the flow of traffic. (Click on the image below to view a compressed time line video clip showing excerpts of the bearing replacement procedure.)

JSDA provided on site engineering services as well as in house designs for the temporary structures required for material handling. The firm was also invilved in the design of the load transfer system which transferred the 1250 ton bridge load through the jacking system to the intermediate bridge tower.